To our heroes, the developers

Working in a dynamic atmosphere is fun and interesting, but at the same time really demanding both what comes to time management and remembering all the moving parts. This is exactly what has happened to us during large projects, especially the emergency ones. That is why we asked our IT support team a few years ago if they can write code to make us tools to automate some routine things. From one of the guys the answer was: – Kind of yes/maybe/let’s see, and now 4 years later we have the best dev team you can imagine. They somehow manage to develop magical products, even when joggling between never ending ideas and requirements from the sales team in front of the customer. Still, our heroes manage to keep their focus on the big picture. All though they put in focused sessions of over 24 hours in a row, they never quit. That is why we love their dedication.

As a sales guy I still don’t have a clue of what goes where technically, but having been around the world in various different places and seen all kinds of projects, I know we can help almost any operation to simplify, focus and take on the future with a huge competitive advantage: Clear and focused communication. While writing a working program takes blood, sweat and tears from our dev team we can save lifetimes of unproductive, unnecessary work from millions of people. So hats of to our developers for making it easier for the rest of us.