The Social Network To Get Sh*t Done

Future Teams are not limited by company borders and they don't have man made bottlenecks. We've been involved in crisis situations where groups of people focus their energy on one goal to achieve extraordinary things.

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The Social Network To Get Sh*t Done

Hailer is originally developed for change management and communication in a crisis situation.

Our story begun as a side project in the IT department of Lamor Corporation, a global family company with its roots in Finland, specialised in oil spill recovery- and environmental emergency response operations.

Lamor has managed to grow global with very limited resources due to its nature as a network company, meaning it runs a swarm of partner companies as one. The network model truly showed its power during the clean up operation of the Deepwater Horizon incident. This was also the time when the philosophy and values of Hailer were born.

Today Hailer is a communication platform developed to run anything from sports clubs all the way to sophisticated networks of companies that change the world for the better.


Polyeco International

Service Management

Polyeco is a global emergency response organisation focused on pollution control and waste management. Ha
iler is used for keeping track of all functions crucial for the business such as equipment and personnel. In addition all reports that were previously done on paper is now digitally stored securely in the Hailer cloud.



Manufacturing, Reselling

Finndent manufactures state of the art equipment for the dental industry. All sales and marketing are don
e throughout a network of handpicked partners around Europe. Hailer is used as the primary communication tool to spread good news and tackle challenges as they come up.



project management

Pobi is a Finnish circular economy project that uses Hailer as their communication platform to ensure tha
t the project team, consisting of members from seven different organisations, manage their information flow with a solution that technically suits everyone. Read the full story in our blog



Amplify the way you communicate

Make an interactive digital model of your operations

Bring in your entire network of people you work with


For small businesses, sports teams or voluntary organisations who want to focus on achieving a goal

Hailer for Teams



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1 activity module, 5 GB of storage

For companies who want to bring their communication and documents in to the right context

Hailer for Enterprises


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Unlimited activity modules, 50 GB of storage

For organisations who run several people and companies as one dynamic team

Hailer for Networks


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Linking of Activity Modules, 1 TB storage, All admin access, Unlimited configurations, Permissions management


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